Prerequisites from Mix

Before developing ASRaaS and/or ForgetMe applications, you need information from your Nuance Mix account.

Credentials for ASRaaS

In order to develop runtime applications, you need a Mix account. This account provides credentials to run your application against the Nuance-hosted engines.

To obtain the credentials from your Mix account:

  1. Log in to Mix.

  2. Click MANAGE at the top.

  3. Click Applications at the left.

  4. Information appears in the App ID box. If it doesn’t, click the Settings icon at the left.

  5. In the App ID box, click the arrow beside Client Name. Your client ID is displayed, starting with appID:

  6. Click Generate Client Secret. Your client secret is displayed. Copy the secret and save it carefully as it’s not stored in Mix.

You’ll use these credentials—client ID and client secret—as part of the authorization process for calling the Mix engine.

Mix client credentials

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DLMs from Mix

Mix can also build domain language models to customize recognition for specific environments. To use DLMs in your ASRaaS applications, first create them in Mix. Consult Model development cycle to:

  1. Create a Mix project. When creating the project, choose the same language you’ll use in your client applications. The DLM that Mix generates from your project must have the same language as the audio you want to recognize. See Language in request and DLM.

  2. Create, train, and build a model in the project. The model must include an intent, optionally entities, and a few annotated sentences.

    Since your model is for speech recognition only (not semantic understanding), you can use any intent name—for example, DUMMY—and add sentences and optionally entities to that intent.

    Your entities—for example, NAMES and PLACES—should contain terms that are specific to your application environment. You can also add terms using wordsets.

  3. Create and deploy an application configuration for the project.

For an in-depth look at DLMs in Mix, consult Best practices: ASR modeling.

Credentials for ForgetMe

The ForgetMe API is limited to individually approved customers. To develop ForgetMe applications, you need Mix credentials and a custom scope.

  1. Obtain your client ID and secret from Mix as described in Credentials for ASRaaS above.

  2. Send your client ID to your Nuance representative to add the asr.forgetme scope to your account. (Ask your rep to create an internal Mix administration ticket to add the asr.forgetme OAauth scope to your client ID.)

See Runtime APIs: Quick Reference for a summary of Mix service URLs, authorization, and rate limits.