Language topics

A language topic describes a type of ASR core data packs. Each topic provides a specialized, yet still general, knowledge of a domain (such as the banking domain or the retail domain). The topic customizes the language model within the data pack that is used for recognition.

One or more language topics may be available to customers:

  • gen: The default gen language topic (which is short for General) includes the default ASR core data packs and is available to all Mix users. This language topic can be used for general chat applications and has no specialization.
  • Customer-specific language topics may also be available. They contain customizations that are specific to the customer’s applications. These language topics are not enabled by default. To get additional language topics, please ask your Nuance representative to create an internal Mix administration ticket to configure the requested data pack topic for your organization.

Language topics are specific to an organization.

Get language topics

GET /v4/organizations/{orgId}/language-topics

Retrieve the list of language topics available in an organization.


Status Meaning Description Schema
200 OK List of language topics mix.api.ListLanguageTopicsResponse
401 Unauthorized Request could not be authorized Inline
404 Not Found No content found Inline
500 Internal Server Error Internal server error Inline
default Default An unexpected error response. grpc.gateway.runtime.Error

Example responses

  200 response