Export app configuration from Mix

This section describes how to download an app configuration and its resources from Mix as a zip folder. This is useful if you need to deploy the resources outside of the hosted Mix platform, for example, in a self-hosted engine scenario or as part of a Speech Suite 11 installation.

As with other steps mentioned earlier, this can be carried out via any of three sets of tools:

  • Mix dashboard
  • Mix.api
  • Mix.cli

Export app configuration with the dashboard

You can download app configuration files from the Mix dashboard Manage tab as a zip folder. For detailed instructions, see Download models for an app configuration.

Export app configuration with Mix.api

You can download an app configuration using the Mix.api Download an application configuration endpoint.

You will need to have Authorized with Mix using your client ID and client secret to obtain a token to access Mix.api.

The authorization token needs to be included in the header of the Mix.api call.

You need to specify the configId for the app configuration as a path parameter, and the Mix appId as a query parameter.

To obtain the Mix configId:

  1. Obtain the orgId with the Get organizations endpoint.
  2. Using the orgIdand Mix appId, obtain the applicationId with the with the Get list of Mix applications for an organization endpoint.
  3. Using the applicationId and Mix appId, obtain the configId with the Get list of application configurations endpoint.

Here is an example of a call to the download an application configuration endpoint using curl.

curl -X 'GET' \
  'https://mix.api.nuance.com/v4/app-configs/$CONFIGID/.download?appId=$APPID' \
  -H 'accept: application/json' \
  -H 'authorization: Bearer $TOKEN' \

Export app configuration with Mix.cli

The mix app-configs:export  command is used to export an app configuration as a zip folder using Mix.cli.

You will need to have configured Mix.cli and obtained an access token previously.

You will need to specify:

  • A configuration ID
  • A runtime application ID
  • An output file path

The application configuration ID can be retrieved using the mix app-configs:list command. The runtime application ID can be retrieved using the mix app-credentials:list command.

Export app configuration Mix.cli code example

Here is an example of a call using Mix.cli. This exports an app configuration.

mix app-configs:export -C $CONFIGID -R APPLICATIONID -f app-config.zip

Next step: deploy

With the resources downloaded from the Mix platform, they can now be deployed in your self-hosted application as needed.