ASR payloads

An ASRaaS session generates events that report the progress of the recognition process.

The code samples in this section provide the event logs generated for recognizing the following utterance: “I live at one twenty three Main Street.”

Transcriptions containing long numbers (12 or more digits) are redacted in the event logs. See Credit card numbers > ASR.

asr-recognitioninitmessage payload

Content of the RecognitionInitMessage sent in the ASRaaS RecognitionRequest.

asr-statusresponse payload

Content of the 100 Continue status message sent back to the client.

asr-startspeechresponse payload

Beginning of audio as detected by ASR.

asr-finalresultresponse payload

The final ASR recognition result. (Partial results are not logged.)

asr-finalstatusresponse payload

Content of the 200 Success status message sent back to the client.

asr-callsummary payload

Summary information about the ASR interaction (full recognition turn).