Set up a question and answer node

A question and answer node prompts the user for information, and then recognizes the user response. Click a question and answer node on the design canvas, to see its properties in the Node properties pane. The properties for a question and answer node are organized across these categories: System Question, User Input, System Actions, and Advanced.

System question properties

Invite the user to say something. Optionally, use a reentry message. Handle confirmation and recognition event, if desired.

User input properties

Choose the type of information to collect (intent, or entity). For an entity, set whether value-specific actions are required. For VoiceXML applications, specify a speech grammar, if desired. Specify DTMF mappings or a DTMF grammar, if needed. Optionally configure interactive elements, and command overrides.

System Actions properties

Set where to go next, or throw an event. Optionally, add messages, assign variables and define conditions to determine which actions are to be performed.

Advanced properties

Configure local event handlers, and node-level settings. Specify a question router node to handle any captured entity or intent that isn’t the entity in focus for this node. Send data to the client application.

Entity filling behavior

Understand what happens when an entity that isn’t the entity in focus is recognized at a question and answer node, in use cases such as open dialog or directed dialog, with intent switching enabled or disabled.