Integrating with Nuance Digital Engagement Platform

This section provides tips for developers of digital customer service solutions. It points out important factors to consider when creating a Mix project, designing conversations in Mix.dialog, and using the Dialog as a Service runtime API.

Getting started

First interaction, channel and language strategies, configuration requirements.

Creating a project in Mix

Steps to create a Mix project for the Nuance Digital Engagement platform.

Formatting messages

Supported message formatting possibilities by communication channels. Using hyperlinks to set reporting variables and other data.

Defining rich media widgets

Configuring interactive elements in Mix.dialog to generate rich media for applicable communication channels.

Sending script commands

Specifying NDEP script commands in the dialog design for your virtual assistant.

Transferring a chat session to a live agent

Using variables to specify the desired business unit, agent group, and attributes for escalations; to override engagement priority and queue threshold; and to retrieve transfer queue information from NDEP.

Exchanging data between NDEP and the Dialog service

Retrieving engagement data from NDEP, relaying end user information to NDEP, and triggering events, to provide custom responses, show relevant personalized information from a backend system, or direct the dialog flow based on actions of the end user.

Automated messages

Configure messages to keep the end user engaged in case of delays; for example when the virtual assistant must wait for a backend to return information or when it expects a response from the user.