About Nuance's text-to-speech service

Nuance’s TTS as a Service offers text-to-speech services.

TTS image

Powered by Nuance Vocalizer for Cloud and Nuance Vocalizer for Enterprise, TTSaaS turns text into synthesized speech. Working with Nuance voice packs and optional tuning resources, TTSaaS synthesizes speech from plain text, Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML), or Nuance control codes.

TTSaaS lets you request speech synthesis from text-to-speech engines running on Nuance-hosted machines. It works with voices in many languages and locales, with choices of gender and age.

The gRPC synthesizer protocol provided by TTSaaS can request synthesis services in any of the programming languages supported by gRPC. An additional gRPC storage protocol can upload synthesis resources to cloud storage. An HTTP API for synthesis is also available.

gRPC is an open source RPC (remote procedure call) software used to create services. It uses HTTP/2 for transport and Protocol Buffers version 3 (“proto3”) to define the structure of the application.