Mix.api v4 Reference

At the top level, an organization is the parent entity that contains the projects, applications, environments, deployment flows, and so on. An organization has members, and members have roles.

Nuance also defines a set of geographies that are available for all organizations. A geography is the physical region where the Nuance runtime services are deployed.

An organization defines the language topics that are available to create projects. A language topic describes a type of ASR core data packs and customizes the language model within the data pack that is used for recognition.

A deployment flow implements the different steps of a customer’s application lifecycle in Mix. Deployment flows are customizable per customer and are specific to an organization. Each step in the deployment flow is deployed to a customer’s environment.

Projects are created in an organization. They can include ASR, NLU, and dialog builds. An application with configurations that include dialog builds is a bot.

The following diagram provides an overview of how these resources are related.



Get details about the different Mix versions.


List geographies.


Manage jobs created for complex tasks.


List organizations.

Language topics

List language topics in an organization.


List environments in an organization.

Deployment flows

List deployment flows for an organization.


Manage Mix applications with configurations that include dialog builds.


Create and manage Mix projects.

Engine packs

List engine packs in an organization.


Export ontology packages and append to an ontology.


Export, create, and append samples in a project.


Create and manage intents in a project.


Create and manage entities in a project.

Data types

Get the list of the available data types.


Start, get, and manage builds.

Data hosts

List the data hosts in a project.

Environment Configurations

List environment-specific configurations.


List applications and credentials.

Application configurations

Create, list, and manage application configurations.


Get the list of TTS voices available in an organization.


Describes the schemas used by the Mix.api endpoints.