Predefined entities

Mix.nlu includes a set of predefined entities that can be useful as you develop your own NLU models. Predefined entities save you the trouble of defining entities that are generally useful in a number of different applications, such as:

  • Monetary amounts
  • Boolean values (true or false)
  • Calendar items (dates, times, or both)
  • Cardinal and ordinal numbers

Predefined entities

A predefined entity is not limited to a flat list of values, but instead can contain a complete grammar that defines the various ways that values for that entity can be expressed. A grammar is a compact way of expressing a vast range of possible constructions.

For example, within the nuance_DURATION entity, there is a grammar that defines expressions such as “3.5 hours”, “25 mins”, “for 33 minutes and 19 seconds”, and so on. It would simply not make sense to try to capture the possible expressions for this entity in a list.

Some notes:

  • All Nuance predefined entities are namespaced with “nuance_”, including all subnodes.
  • You cannot rename, edit, or delete predefined entities.
  • Some predefined entities may not be available in all languages.
  • Mix.dialog does not directly support predefined entities. To use any predefined entity in Mix.dialog, you must define a custom entity with an isA relationship to the desired predefined entity.

For more information, including on specific predefined entities, see Predefined entities.