Below is a summary of the steps you’ll take to build applications.

Create, author, configure, and deploy stages

  1. You first create a project from the Mix dashboard. A project contains all the data necessary for building ASR, NLU, and dialog resources.
  2. You then author the ASR, NLU, and dialog resources using the Mix tools:
    • Mix.nlu to generate ASR DLMs and NLU models
    • Mix.dialog to create conversational applications
  3. Once you are happy with the resources that you have created, you create builds for the resources you want to use in your runtime application.
  4. You then create and deploy an application configuration, which lets you define the resource versions that you want to use in your client application and deploy them in a runtime environment.
  5. You authorize your client application so that it can access the runtime services, using the OAuth 2.0 protocol.
  6. Finally, use your resources in your client application, through the following runtime services, described in APIs:
    • ASR as a Service
    • NLU as a Service
    • Dialog as a Service
    • TTS as a Service
    • NR as a Service