Interpretation results: Literals

Interpretation results, whether single-intent or multi-intent, include string literals at different levels corresponding to the full user input used for interpretation as well as the meaningful portions thereof; for example, the text corresponding to a detected SingleIntentEntity.

There are two types of literals that can be returned, literal and formatted_literal.


For literals returned with field name literal, the contents depend on the origin of the user input:

  • Text input: The literal is the raw input text.

  • ASR results: The literal is a concatenation of audio tokens, separated by spaces, in minimally formatted text format.

For example, “Call five one four nine zero four seven eight zero zero,” or “Pay five hundred dollars to my phone bill.”


The field formatted_literal is a formatted version of the literal for user inputs coming from ASR results.

For inputs from ASR results, this field gives a text string representing the ASR result, but with formatted text that attempts to render the text as it would be written in text input for special types of content such as:

  • Numbers and digits
  • Addresses
  • Dates
  • Times
  • Prices and currencies
  • Common units of measure
  • URLs and email addresses
  • Phone numbers

For example, a formatted_literal could look like “Call (514) 904-7800” or “Pay $500 to my phone bill.”

In the case of text inputs, the contents of this field will be identical to those of the literal.

The formatting performed depends on the language.

For more information on formatted text, see Formatted text in the ASRaaS documentation.