The proto files provide the following default values for messages in the RecognitionRequest sent to ASRaaS. Mandatory fields are shown in bold.

Items in RecognitionRequest Default
recognition_init_message (RecognitionInitMessage)
    parameters (RecognitionParameters)
      language Mandatory, for example, en-US
    topic GEN
    audio_format (AudioFormat) Mandatory, for example, PCM
    utterance_detection_mode (EnumUtterance DetectionMode) SINGLE (0): transcribe one utterance only
    result_type (EnumResultType) FINAL (0): return only final version of each utterance
    recognition_flags (RecognitionFlags)
        auto_punctuate False: Do no punctuate results
      filter_profanity False: Leave profanity as is
      include_tokenization False: Do not include tokenized result
      stall_timers False: Start no-input timers
      discard_speaker_adaptation False: Keep speaker profile data
      suppress_call_recording False: Log calls and audio
      mask_load_failures False: Loading errors for any resource end recognition
      allow_zero_base_lm_weight False: Base LM uses minimum 10% resource weight
    no_input_timeout_ms 0*, usually no timeout
    recognition_timeout_ms 0*, usually no timeout
    utterance_end_silence_ms 0*, usually 500 ms or half second
    speech_detection_sensitivity 0.5
    max_hypotheses 0*, usually 10 hypotheses
    speech_domain Depends on data pack
    formatting (Formatting)  
        scheme Depends on data pack
      options Empty
  resources (RecognitionResource)
      external_reference (ResourceReference)
        type (Enum ResourceType) Mandatory with resources: external_reference
      uri Mandatory with resources: external_reference
      mask_load_failures False: Loading errors (wordsets only) end recognition
      request_timeout_ms 0*, usually 10000 ms or 10 seconds
      headers Empty
    inline_wordset Empty
    builtin Empty
    inline_grammar Empty
    wakeup_word Empty
    weight_enum (EnumWeight) 0, meaning MEDIUM for DLMs and builtins, LOW for wordsets
    weight_value 0, meaning 0.25 for DLMs and builtins, LOW for wordsets
    reuse (EnumResourceReuse) LOW_REUSE: only one recognition
  client_data Empty
  user_id Empty
control_message (ControlMessage) Empty
audio Mandatory

* Items marked with an asterisk (*) default to 0, meaning a server default: the default is set in the configuration file used by the ASRaaS engine instance. The values shown here are the values set in the sample configuration files (default.yaml and development.yaml) provided with the ASRaaS engine. In the case of max_hypotheses, the default (10 hypotheses) is set internally within ASRaaS.