A geography is the physical region where the Nuance runtime services are deployed so that they can be accessed by client applications. The geographies available are defined by Nuance and usually represent countries or top-level regions; for example:

  • US
  • EU

Nuance also provides the “Sandbox US” geography. Every Mix user has access to a Mix Sample App to deploy and use models in a Sandbox environment. A Mix Sample App exists in the Sandbox US geography.

Get geographies

GET /v4/geographies

Retrieve the list of geographies.

You can limit the number of results returned and use an offset to determine the starting position of results returned.

You can also sort the results by id or displayName and specify the sort order with the - or + sign. For example, to sort by alphabetical order of displayName, enter +displayName. You can also specify multiple sorting fields by separating them with commas; for example: +displayName, -id. By default, results are sorted by alphabetical order of ID.


Status Meaning Description Schema
200 OK List of geographies. mix.api.ListGeographiesResponse
401 Unauthorized Request could not be authorized Inline
500 Internal Server Error Internal server error Inline
default Default An unexpected error response. grpc.gateway.runtime.Error

Example responses

  200 response