Set up a message node

Use a message node to play or show a message, and perform actions that don’t require input from the user.

Click a message node on the design canvas, to see its properties in the Node properties pane.

  Message node properties example  

Setting up a message node involves these tasks:

  • Use conditions to determine the desired messages or actions, if needed.
  • Set one or more messages.
    Tip: Use the View messages as selectors to review any message variations, by channel and output modality, directly on the compact messages, if desired. Once you have selected a modality, your selection persists as long as the current channel supports it. If you switch to a context where the applicable channel doesn’t support the selected modality, the modality selector falls back to the first modality available for the current channel.
  • Set assignments, if desired.
  • Set the GoTo transition to the next node, or throw an event
  • Disable barge-in at this message node, if required:
    1. If you want to disable barge-in for a specific channel, undock the desired channel, and select it.
      By default, node-level settings apply to all channels.
    2. Click the Node Settings icon and turn on Disable Barge-in.

      This will prevent users from interrupting any message issued at this node (in the context of the applicable channels). See Speech settings for more information on barge-in behavior.