Dialog payloads

DLGaaS generates two types of dialog event logs:

  • Runtime API transaction logs: These event logs provide information about the DLGaaS transactions. As such, the event logs are organized around the service requests and responses and are identified with the application/x-nuance-dlg-interaction-summary dataContentType.

  • Dialog event logs: These events are related to the behavior of the dialog application (for example, the dialog was started, input was received, a transition occurred, and so on) and are used for reporting. These messages are organized around the dialog events and are identified with the application/x-nuance-dlg-nii-logs dataContentType.

A complete dialog session contains a combination of these two types of event logs.

dlg-interaction-summary payload

Overview of the Runtime API interactions that occur in a DLGaaS session.

dlg-nii-logs payload

Detailed information about events related to the behavior of the dialog application.