Sample file

This documentation includes a sample coffeeShop dialog design file. Download coffeeShop.json, to explore its structure.

If you wish to import it into a Mix project to experiment:

  1. Download coffeeShop.trsx.
    This TRSX file defines one NLU intent (ORDER_COFFEE), two entities (COFFEE_TYPE, and COFFEE_SIZE), and a few samples.
  2. Create a project.
    You can use any of the available templates—importing the sample files will overwrite the project content.
  3. Import the TRSX file into the new project.
  4. Import the JSON file into the project.

The sample JSON file contains an object literal with this syntax:

    "data": {
        // project object literal...


Top-level element of a dialog design object literal
Element Type Description
data Project object Top level of the dialog design