Known issues

This document lists known issues (and applicable workarounds, if any) for the Nuance Mix platform. Learn about fixed issues in our change log. Should you experience issues not listed here, please reach out to the Mix community.



In Firefox, inserting a line break, in a Rich Text message, a note, or a node description, sometimes generates an additional line break.

Workaround: Delete any unwanted line breaks.


Global command entity: Mix.dialog does not prevent you from diverting an entity that is already in use, and making it your global command entity, in Project Settings. Make sure the entity you choose to be the global command entity is not used for any other purposes.

Question and answer nodes

Node-level recovery messages: Question and answer nodes do not yet support recovery messages for Max Turns events. When a MaxTurns event happens, the global Max Turns recovery message (or its channel-level equivalent, if any) is used.


Mix.dialog version 3.2 (and earlier) allowed you to add messages for the Rich Text modality in channel profiles that don’t support it. If you created a project that only supports TTS or Audio Script, and you didn’t add specific message text for these modalities, you might be unable to see your existing messages in Mix.dialog. The design canvas shows Rich Text message text by default, if the current channel profile supports the Rich Text modality; otherwise TTS text appears if the channel profile supports it; otherwise Audio Script text appears.

Workaround: (1) Export the dialog model for your project, (2) in the exported JSON file, add “Rich Text” to the “modes” array, in the appropriate “channel” object, under “supportedChannels”, and then (3) import the updated JSON file into your project. This will allow you to see the existing Rich Text version of your messages on the canvas and to use the Messages resource panel to copy and paste message text into TTS or Audio Script specific fields as needed.


If you choose a variable or an entity, instead of typing an integer as the argument when using the Integer.random(…) function in an assign action, the value returned by this function at runtime might be outside the expected range.

Mix dashboard

NLU model export: For Mix projects with non-ASCII characters in their name, attempting to export the NLU model may fail.

Workaround: Rename the project to use only ASCII characters.


Mix.nlu does not support annotating character-based languages with tag modifiers. For example, you cannot annotate Japanese samples with the AND, OR, and NOT modifiers.