Manage resources

All resources in a dialog project have a global scope, which means you can use them anywhere in your dialog design. A dialog flow involves these resource types: intents, entities, grammars, variables, messages, and events.

Manage intents

Set global mappings between intents and components, and perform basic operations on intents and intent components.

Manage entities

Use the Entities tab of the NLU resource panel to manage entities.

Manage grammars

Export a grammar specification document listing all speech and DTMF grammar references found in your dialog design, to help design and manage grammars for a VoiceXML application.

Manage variables

Configure simple and complex variables to store values for the applications you build from your dialog project.

Manage messages

Use the Messages resource panel to manage all messages in your project.

Manage events

Use the Events resource panel to add custom events for your project.