Mix.dialog is a multichannel dialog design development tool for creating conversational experiences. It works hand-in-hand with Mix.nlu. Use Mix.nlu to create NLU models to understand your users. In Mix.dialog, you build conversational interfaces to engage with them.

Get started

Design a simple chat application.

Naming guidelines

Guidelines for naming dialog elements and resources in projects.

Basic operations

Resize areas of the user interface, manage components and nodes.


Undock channels at nodes where you want to support channel-specific messages and actions. View channel-specific dialog flows.

Global settings and behaviors

Configure error recovery; collection behavior; handling of confirmation, commands, and events.

Build dialog flows

Add nodes to your dialog design and configure them.

Set messages and actions

Add messages and actions (such as transitions, assignments, an so on) to nodes in your dialog design. Use conditions to determine the next message or action, as required. Supplement your design with notes.

Manage resources

Configure resources, such as intents, entities, grammars, variables, messages, events, for your dialog flows.