Processing item group

Represents processing items to perform by channel.

Elements of a processing item group object literal
Element Type Description
id String UUID of the processing item group
channelProcessingItemsMap Object Key-value pairs where the key is a channel UUID and the value contains a processing item list for the specified channel
lastModified String Date and time of the last modification, in this format: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ssZ—for example, 2019-08-21T08:34:27Z
parentNodeId String UUID of the parent node
  Processing item group example  

Processing item list

Represents the processing items to perform for a specific channel, in a processing item group.

Element of a processing item list object literal
Element Type Description
processingItems Array of processing items Processing items to perform

Processing item

Represents a processing item in a processing item list.

Elements of a processing item object literal
Element Type Description
processing item Object One of the supported processing item types
id String UUID of the processing item
note String Designer notes such as a description or reminder (maximum 4000 characters)
promptGroupId String Only present if the processing item is of type promptGroup; UUID of the prompt group
  Processing item example of type condition, with an assign action and a prompt group  

Supported processing item types

Dialog models support these types of processing item:

Types of processing item
Element key Processing item type Description
condition Condition Sets a condition (such as if, else if, else) to control the dialog flow
action Action Performs one of these actions: assign a value to a variable or set a log message
promptGroup Prompt group Sets a prompt
transition Transition Sets a transition to another node or throws an event
placeholderProcessingType String note for designer notes; action for an action that is not yet defined; prompt_tts, prompt_text, or prompt_ttsAudio for a message that is not yet defined