Tag modifiers

A tag modifier modifies or combines entities in a sample by adding a logical operator: AND, OR, or NOT. You specify tag modifiers by annotating samples.

Your Mix.nlu model can use the AND and OR modifiers to connect multiple entities. It can use the NOT modifier to negate the meaning of a single entity.

For example, “a cappuccino and a latte” would be annotated as [AND][COFFEE_TYPE]cappuccino[/] and a [COFFEE_TYPE]latte[/][/]. The AND modifier applies to the two COFFEE_TYPE annotations.

The literal “no cinnamon” would be annotated as [NOT]no [SPRINKLE_TYPE]cinnamon[/][/]. The NOT modifier applies to the SPRINKLE_TYPE annotation.

Note how you do not simply annotate the literals “and” and “no” as an entity or tag modifier. Instead, tag modifiers are the parents of the annotations that they connect or negate.