A geography is the physical region where the Nuance runtime services are deployed so that they can be accessed by client applications. The geographies available are defined by Nuance and usually represent countries or top-level regions; for example:

  • US
  • EU

Nuance also provides the “Sandbox US” geography. Every Mix user has access to a Mix Sample App to deploy and use models in a Sandbox environment. A Mix Sample App exists in the Sandbox US geography.

Mix is available in the following geographies:

Geography Mix name Endpoint Details
United States US * URLs
Languages and Voices
Australia AU * URLs
Languages and Voices
Europe EU * URLs
Languages and Voices
Canada CA * URLs
Languages and Voices


Australia URLs, languages, and voices.


Canada URLs, languages, and voices.


Europe URLs, languages, and voices.

United States

United States URLs, languages, and voices.