Export data

You can export NLU data and dialog data from a project.

Export NLU data

When exporting NLU data, you can export the complete NLU model or export your NLU ontology, entity literals, and samples separately.

Export TRSX

You can export either:

  • The TRSX file only
  • A ZIP file that contains:
    • TRSX file
    • (If applicable) GrXML files for the rule-based grammars specified in the TRSX file

If your project includes multiple languages, one file is created per language.

To export NLU data:

  1. Click the download icon for the Mix.nlu TRSX or ZIP file.
  2. Select the locale for which to export data. To export data for all locales, select All locales.
  3. Select the data to export and click Export.

One file is created per locale specified, with the following naming convention:


For example:

  • 22389_08Feb2022_coffee_app_en_GB.trsx
  • 22389_08Feb2022_coffee_app_es_US.trsx
  • 22389_08Feb2022_coffee_app_fr_FR.zip

Export dialog data

To export dialog data:

  1. In the Mix dashboard, select the project and click the Import/Export tab.
  2. Click the download icon for the Mix.dialog JSON file.

A single file is downloaded, even if your project includes multiple locales. The file has the following naming convention:


For example: 22389_20200604_Coffee_app.json