Import data

The types of data that you can import and export from the Mix project dashboard include:

  • A complete NLU model: An NLU model is exported to a TRSX file, which is an XML file that represents an entire model. A TRSX file can also be used to import intents, entities, literals, and samples with or without annotations. Any combination of these can be included in the TRSX file.
  • NLU entity literals: You can import NLU entity literals in a LIST or NMLIST file. A LIST file contains literals to be added to a list-type entity, while an NMLIST file contains literals and their corresponding values to be added to a list-type entity.
  • NLU samples: You can import samples in a TXT file.
  • Rule-based grammars: You can import rule-based grammars in a GrXML file.
  • Dialog application (JSON file): A dialog application is exported to a JSON file, which represents an entire dialog application. A dialog JSON file can also be used to import a complete dialog application.

Import NLU model

Import complete NLU model (all data) in TRSX, XML, or ZIP file format.

Import entity literals

Import entity literals in LIST or NMLIST format.

Import NLU samples

Import NLU samples in TXT format.

Import dialog data

Import dialog data in JSON format.