Preparing for DLM build

This section describes how to create and import the necessary resources into a Mix project to prepare for a DLM build.

This includes tips on building training sets that effectively represent the sorts of things users will say in your domain.

It also includes discussion of three types of files that can be constructed and imported into a Mix project as inputs to build a DLM:

  • Training set XML (TRSX)
  • Pronunciations file (pron)
  • Rewrite files

Instructions are provided for importing content using different tools:

  • Mix dashboard
  • Mix.api
  • Mix.cli

Creating a training set

Tips for creating a training set.

Constructing a TRSX file

Tips and instructions for constructing a TRSX file for DLM builds.

Tips on prons files

Overview of tips for creating a prons file.

Tips on rewrite files

Overview of tips for creating rewrite files.

Creating a Mix project

Creating a Mix project that will be used to build a DLM.

Importing files

Importing files to build a DLM.