Add members

You add (and remove) members to the project through the Members tab.

Default project roles

Members can have one of the following default project roles:

  • Owner: Can perform all actions on the project.
  • Admin: Can perform all actions on the project except:
    • Delete the project
    • Invite other members
  • Viewer: Can see the organization details, projects, and applications, but cannot edit them.

Steps to add members to a project

To add members:

  1. In the Mix dashboard, click the Projects icon, select the project, and click the Members tab.
  2. Click Add Member.
  3. For User, type the name of the user to find it.
  4. For Role, choose the role for the user.
  5. Click Save.

Steps to remove a member

To delete a member:

  1. Hover over the member name.
  2. Click the Remove member icon associated with that user.
  3. Confirm the action.

Access unavailable?

If you cannot see Add Member or the Delete icon, you may not have the privileges to perform this action. In order to add members to a project, you have to be an owner of that project. Once you are added as an owner of the project, you can then add other members to that project, even if the project resides in an organization of which the user is not a member.