tts-callsummary payload for Neural TTS

Current version: v4

Neural TTSaaS offers a streamed synthesis response containing information received from Microsoft Speech Services. Unlike TTSaaS, it does not offer a non-streamed (unary) response and does not include the NVOC events.

In addition to the standard fields described in data field structure, messages with the application/x-nuance-tts-callsummary.v4+json dataContentType include service-specific fields as detailed below.

Neural TTS fields
Field Description
request Contents of the request
   message The Synthesize request. See Synthesizer API in the Neural TTSaaS documentation for details.
   totalCharacterCount The number of characters in the text to be synthesized
   characterCounts The characters to be synthesized for each voice
      voice The voice performing the synthesis
      count The number of characters in the text to be synthesized for this voice
response Contents of the response
   status Contents of the request statu
      code The status code
      messsage The status summary message
      details Details of the status message
  Sample payload  

The request object describes the synthesis request, as provided in the Input message of a SynthesisRequest.

The response object for a synthesis request contains only a status message.

  Response payload for successful synthesis  
  Response payload for invalid voice  
  Response payload for a server error