Key tasks

This section describes how to get started using Mix, from creating and managing projects, to building resources and configuring and deploying applications.


Overview of the project creation and application deployment process.

Project dashboard overview

Learn your way around the dashboard.

Create and manage projects

Create and manage projects, add members, view and manage organizations, and more.


Build Mix.asr, Mix.nlu, and Mix.dialog resources for your projects.


Create and deploy application configurations for your apps and learn how you can use webhooks to receive event notifications.


Authorize your client application using the OAuth 2.0 protocol.

Import and export data

Import and export NLU and dialog data including prebuilt domains for common areas of knowledge such as for TV, Weather, or News.

Exchange data with an external system

Enable your dialog application to exchange data with an external system.

Update your password

Password policy, including how to update your password.