dlg-interaction-summary payload

Current version: v1

The application/x-nuance-dlg-interaction-summary payloads provide an overview of the Runtime API interactions that occur in a DLGaaS session.

In addition to the standard fields described in data field structure, messages with the application/x-nuance-dlg-interaction-summary dataContentType include the following fields:

Fields table
Field Description
sessionid Identifier of the current session. It is always included for all dialog events, except for DLGaaS-Start-Start. For DLGaaS-Start-Start, the session ID is included only when it is passed in the StartRequest.
events Array of event and time values for this transaction. See table below for details.
channel Channel used for the interaction
sessionTimeoutSec Session timeout value (in seconds), after which the session is terminated
request Contents of the request. See table below for details.
response Contents of the response. See table below for details.

Request and response objects

The request and response objects available in the event logs depend on the dialog events that generated the logs.

The following table describes the contents of the request and response objects according to the event that generated the event log:

API Method Possible events Contents of request Contents of response1
Start DLGaaS-Start-Start for StartRequest N/A N/A
DLGaaS-Start-End for StartResponse Content provided in StartRequest StartResponse payload
Status DLGaaS-Status-Start for StatusRequest N/A N/A
DLGaaS-Status-End for StatusResponse Content provided in StatusRequest StatusResponse payload
Update DLGaaS-Update-Start for UpdateRequest N/A N/A
DLGaaS-Update-End for UpdateResponse Content provided in UpdateRequest payload N/A
Execute DLGaaS-Execute-Start for ExecuteRequest N/A N/A
DLGaaS-Execute-End for ExecuteResponse Content provided in ExecuteRequest ExecuteResponse payload
DLGaaS-ExecuteStream-Start for ExecuteRequest in StreamInput N/A N/A
DLGaaS-ExecuteStream-End for ExecuteResponse in StreamOutput Content provided in the ExecuteRequest ExecuteResponse payload
ASRaaS-reco-Start when ASRaaS is invoked N/A N/A
ASRaaS-reco-End when the result is received from ASRaaS N/A N/A
NLUaaS-interpret-Start when NLUaaS is invoked N/A N/A
NLUaaS-interpret-End when the result is received from NLUaaS N/A N/A
TTSaaS-synthesize-Start when TTSaaS is invoked N/A N/A
TTSaaS-synthesize-End when the result is received from TTSaaS N/A N/A
Stop DLGaaS-Stop-Start for StopRequest N/A N/A
DLGaaS-Stop-End for StopResponse Content provided in StopRequest N/A

1. In addition to default response content described in data field structure.

Generated event diagram

The following diagram shows at which point in a dialog interaction each event gets generated:

Diagram of generated dialog events

Sample payloads

  Sample payload: DLGaaS-Start-End event  
  Sample payload: DLGaaS-ExecuteStream-End event  
  Sample payload: DLGaaS-Stop-End-End event