Specify grammars for commands

In a project meant to support a VoiceXML application, specify any required speech or DTMF grammar references for your global commands. An external DTMF grammar is required if you want your VoiceXML application to support sequences of digits, or dynamic DTMF options.

  1. In the Project Settings panel, expand All channels, and click Global commands.
  2. Scroll down to the Grammars section.
  3. Turn on the desired option: Reference speech grammar, or Reference DTMF grammar.
    A new field appears.
  4. Expand the field, and:
    • Enter the name of the desired grammar file, including the extension (for example, my-command-grammar.grxml).
    • Choose the variable that is meant to hold a dynamic grammar reference at runtime.
      Tip: Use the search field to narrow down the list if needed. If the variable you want to use is missing, you can create it on the fly, and then use it immediately.
  5. (Optional) Export the grammar specification document, to be used by the VoiceXML application, if desired.