Set messages and actions

Messages and actions (such as transitions, assignments, and so on) occur at nodes in a dialog, and they can be conditional. When you set messages or actions for a node, you can use existing resources or, in some cases, create new resources on the fly. For example, when you add a message to a message node, you can use an existing message or create a new one. Likewise, when you add an assign action, you can use an existing variable, or create a new one.

Set messages

Configure static and dynamic messages for your application.

Set assign actions

Assign values to variables and entity attributes.

Set transitions

Specify the next node to execute after completing an action. Mix.dialog supports the transition types GoTo, Return to, Return, and Return to intent mapper.

Set throw event actions

Throw custom events or global command events.

Set conditions

Use conditions to determine the next message or action, based on logical expressions.

Set notes

Add notes to supplement your design with useful information.