asr-callsummary payload

Current version: v2

The application/x-nuance-asr-callsummary payload provides summary information about the ASR interaction for the complete recognition turn.

In addition to the standard fields described in data field structure, messages with the application/x-nuance-asr-callsummary dataContentType include the following fields:

fields table
Field Description
sessionId ID of the session.
absStartTime Audio stream start time.
Recognize Information about the Recognizer command. See Recognizer API in the ASRaaS documentation for details.
   audioPacketStats Information about the audio packets received.
      firstPacketTime Date and time the first audio packet was received.
      lastPacketTime Date and time the last audio packet was received.
   utterances Information about the utterances in the recognition
      info Information about an utterance.
         snrEstimate The estimated signal-to-noise ratio in the utterance.
      completionCause In response to Recognize, the reason for the response:
  • SUCCESS: The result was correctly produced.
  • ERROR: An error prevented the result from being computed.
  • NO-INPUT-TIMEOUT: The noInputTimeout interval has elapsed: no result is delivered.
  • RECOGNITION-TIMEOUT: The recognitionTimeout interval elapsed: the result may or may not be delivered.
  • END-OF-STREAM: An EndOfInput command terminated the Recognize turn: the result may or may not be delivered.
  • NO-MATCH: The result was produced, but is marked as rejected. This completion cause is returned for extremely noisy and/or unintelligible audio, or when the audio is not compatible with the declared audio format.
   metrics Metrics for the call.
      firstAudioToResult The number of milliseconds from the arrival of the first audio message/binary packet after Recognize to the current time.
   audioUrn URN of the ASR resource. This field is helpful when downloading audio files of the utterances that were sent for recognition to ASRaaS. See AFSS API for details.
absEndTime Audio stream end time.
asrSessionId Identifier of the current ASR session.
  Sample payload