Status codes

TTSaaS returns standard gRPC error codes  , and the following HTTP status codes.

HTTP status codes
Code Message Indicates
200 Success Successful response.
400 Bad request A malformed or unsupported client request was rejected.
401 Unauthorized The request could not be authorized. Make sure you have provided Mix credentials and/or generated an OAuth token. See Authorize your client application.
403 Forbidden A restricted voice was requested but you are not authorized to use it.
413 Payload too large A synthesis request has exceeded the limits for voice switching.
429 Too many requests The client application has reached the rate limit, either for the authorization service or runtime service. See Rate limits. If the rate limit is related to the authorization service, make sure you are reusing the access token properly across requests.
500 Internal server error An unknown error has occurred on the server.
502 Resource error An error has occurred with a synthesis resource.