Dialog predefined entities

Mix.nlu adds a default set of entities to simplify your Mix.dialog applications. These dialog entities are isA entities that refer to predefined entities. Dialog entities have shorter, more descriptive names than predefined entities. This can make it easier to develop and maintain your Mix.dialog application while taking advantage of the convenience of predefined entities.

For example, DATE is a dialog predefined entity that is defined as an isA entity for nuance_CALENDARX. If your Mix.dialog application processes dates, use the DATE entity instead of nuance_CALENDARX.

Like the predefined entities prefaced with nuance_, you cannot rename dialog predefined entities, delete them, or edit them.

Dialog entities appear in the Predefined Entities section of the Entities area. Mix adds them when you create your project.

This table briefly describes the purpose of each dialog predefined entity.

Dialog predefined entities
Dialog entity isA predefined entity Description
DATE nuance_CALENDARX Calendar date
TIME nuance_CALENDARX Time of day
YES_NO nuance_BOOLEAN Yes or no

Note: The following dialog entities are deprecated and, therefore, may appear in the Custom Entities list. These dialog entities can be edited, renamed, and deleted.

Deprecated Dialog predefined
Dialog entity isA predefined entity Description
CC_EXP_DATE nuance_EXPIRY_DATE Credit card expiry date
CREDIT_CARD nuance_CARDINAL_NUMBER Credit card number
CURRENCY nuance_AMOUNT Monetary amount
DIGITS nuance_CARDINAL_NUMBER String of digits
NATURAL_NUMBER nuance_CARDINAL_NUMBER Round number with no decimal point
PHONE nuance_CARDINAL_NUMBER Telephone number
SSN nuance_CARDINAL_NUMBER Social Security Number
ZIP_CODE nuance_CARDINAL_NUMBER Postal zip code