Create and manage projects

Projects are created via the Mix dashboard. There are several ways to create a project:

  • Create a project using Quick Start: The Quick Start option allows you to select ready-to-use project templates to quickly create a new project without having to customize project settings. This is the best option for new users.

  • Build your own project: Building your own project involves choosing channels and modalities, a use case, and languages.

Create a bot with Builder: Builder quickly builds a bot that generates custom dialog for your application with the power of OpenAI GPT.

Create a project with Answers: Answers searches a designated URL for relevant content and OpenAI GPT can formulate appropriate responses in your project.

This section also describes where to view details about a project, how to manage projects, including project members, and provides information on the Mix password policy.

Create a project using Quick Start

Create a project based on ready-to-use project templates.

Create your own project

Create a project by specifying your own project settings and characteristics.

Manage project details

Learn where to find information about your projects and about operations you can perform.

Organizations, members, and roles

Manage organizations and members, and understand roles and permissions.