Data exchange and resources

This section provides more detailed information about runtime exchanges of data and resources. Data and resources can be passed from external servers or the client to the Dialog server in requests, or returned to the client in responses.

Data can be passed in at scheduled data access nodes, or alternatively session variables can be passed in at different points within the conversation as needed.

The client can pass in ASR and NLU resources such as inline wordsets and references to resources compiled in the Mix platform. These resources allow Dialog to better make sense of inputs and improve performance of the dialog model.

In addition to this, resources are provided to the client app in responses to support client-side orchestration.

Data access nodes

Making planned data transfers at key points in the conversation via data access nodes.

Passing in session data

Sending data as key-value pairs from the client app to the Dialog service.

Passing in wordsets

Using inline wordsets to improve recognition and interpretation.

Passing in compiled resource references

Passing in ASR and NLU compiled resources to improve recognition and performance.

Response resources for external orchestration

Returned resources to support client-side orchestration.