Languages and voices for Australia

This topic lists the languages and voices that are generally available for Mix in geography: Australia.


Languages are specified using the IETF BCP-47 standard and take the following form:



  • language: is the primary language
  • region: specifies the linguistic variations for a specific country, territory, or region

For example, English can be represented as follows:

  • en-US: English (United States)
  • en-GB: English (United Kingdom)

Nuance Mix supports the following languages:

 Language  Language code Language code for
Mix.asr and Mix.nlu URNs
flag_australia English (Australia) en-AU eng-AUS
flag_japan Japanese (Japan) ja-JP jpn-JPN
flag_thailand Thai (Thailand) th-TH tha-THA

Text-to-Speech (TTS) voices

Nuance Mix supports the following voices, which are intended for use with the standard Nuance TTSaaS. For the voices intended for use with the Nuance Neural TTS service, see Voices.

 Language    Code   Voice Model M/F Additional
flag_australia English (Australia) en-AU Karen enhanced F
flag_australia English (Australia) en-AU Lee enhanced M
flag_australia English (Australia) en-AU Matilda enhanced F
flag_united_states English (United States) en-US Allison standard F
flag_thailand Thai (Thailand) th-TH Kanya enhanced F
flag_thailand Thai (Thailand) th-TH Narisa standard F