Nuance Mix enables you to tackle complex conversational challenges using intuitive DIY tools, backed by Nuance’s industry-leading speech and AI technologies.

Using Mix’s tool set, you define the use cases, the concepts (entities) and parameters (values), and the variety of ways consumers will interact with your app or service. This process is called authoring because you are creating (authoring) the speech (ASR), natural language understanding (NLU), and dialog resources needed to power your client applications.

Each of your projects is maintained in one place, the Mix dashboard, where you can quickly deploy your application in a runtime environment. Your application can then interact with the ASR, NLU, and dialog resources you created using any one of the programming languages supported by the open source gRPC framework. Mix offers five runtime service APIs: ASR, NR, NLU, and Dialog, as well as TTS (text to speech).

Product overview

No matter your role in your organization—whether as a business stakeholder, voice designer, data/speech scientist, developer, or quality assurance tester—Mix helps you craft meaningful, interactive conversations with your users.