Represents a transition or a throw event action, in a processing item; the success or failure transition in a data access node, or external actions node; the transition in an event handler; or the intent switch transition in a question router node.

Elements of a transition or throw event action object literal
Element Type Description
id String UUID of the transition
transitionType String Type of transition; one of: GO_TO, GO_BACK_TO, RETURN,RETURN_TO_INTENT_MAPPER, THROW, NO_TRANSITION_TYPE
eventId String For transition type THROW: event string to be thrown and then caught elsewhere
eventLog String For transition type THROW: description or text to be logged when the event is thrown
label String Descriptive label for the transition; limited to 63 characters
nodeId String For transition type GO_TO and GO_BACK_TO: UUID of the destination node
  Transition example (GoTo)  
  Transition example (throw)  

Refer to the Mix.dialog documentation for more information on the transition types.