Data types

A data type specifies the type of content to be collected by an entity. Data types allow dialog designers to apply methods and formatting options appropriate to the data type in conditions and messages. Each data type has a number of compatible collection methods (also referred to as entity types), which specify how the entity data is collected.

The Mix.api data type endpoint returns the list of available data types.

For more information, see:

Get data types

GET /v4/data-types

Retrieve the list of available data types.


Status Meaning Description Schema
200 OK List of available data types mix.api.ListDataTypesResponse
400 Bad Request Bad Request Inline
401 Unauthorized Request could not be authorized Inline
500 Internal Server Error Internal server error Inline
501 Not Implemented Feature is not yet enabled Inline
default Default An unexpected error response. grpc.gateway.runtime.Error

Example responses

  200 response