Display builds

The Manage tab lists the builds that are available for each project. You create a build for your Mix.asr, Mix.nlu, and Mix.dialog resources so that you can use them in your runtime application.

To display the builds for a project:

  1. In the Mix dashboard, click the Manage tab.
  2. In the left-hand pane, expand the Builds section and select the project.

The builds for this project are displayed.

Sample list of project builds

To get more information about a version, click the arrow beside the Created date. Information listed includes:

  • The build type and version number
  • The locales used in the version
  • The source used to build the model, if any
  • Status of the build:
    • Successful builds are listed as completed
    • Failed builds are listed in red front and as failed. A downloadable CSV file is available for failed ASR and NLU builds. You can use this file as an error log to locate errors in your ASR or NLU build.
  • If you imported Mix domains into your project and used them to build the model

By default, all build types (that is, ASR, NLU, and Dialog) are displayed. To see a specific type of build, click All build types and select the type of builds you want to see.