Engine packs

An engine pack is a set of ASR, NLU, TTS, and Dialog engine versions that ensure the applications you build are compatible with their deployment environment.

When you create a project, you select the engine pack version that corresponds to the engines that you have installed in your self-hosted environment. For more information, see Manage engine packs and data packs.

Get engine packs

GET /v4/organizations/{orgId}/engine-packs

Retrieve the list of all available engine packs in an organization as well as the Nuance core data packs that are supported for each engine pack.


Status Meaning Description Schema
200 OK List of engine packs including the locales and data packs supported mix.api.ListEnginePacksResponse
401 Unauthorized Request could not be authorized Inline
500 Internal Server Error Internal server error Inline
default Default An unexpected error response. grpc.gateway.runtime.Error

Example responses

  200 response