Coffee app quick start

This topic takes you through the process of creating a simple coffee application.

Before you begin

To run this scenario, right-click the links to download the following files:


This topic takes you through the process of creating a simple coffee application, deploying it in the runtime environment, and running a client application that understands the following dialog:

Hello and welcome to the coffee app. What can I get you today?
I want a double espresso.
Perfect, a double espresso coming right up!

Let’s get started

To create the app:

  1. Log in to Mix.
  2. From the Mix dashboard create a web chat project:
    • Use the Web chat project template
    • Name your project: “Order Coffee”
  3. On the dashboard, select the Order Coffee project, and switch to the Import/Export tab.
  4. Click the TRSX upload icon in the Import area, navigate to the location where you downloaded the two files, and select the order_coffee.trsx file.
  5. Click the JSON upload icon in the Import area, and select the order_coffee.json file.
  6. Build the ASR, NLU, and Dialog resources.
  7. Set up a new application configuration.
  8. Deploy your application configuration.
  9. Install and run the Sample Python dialog application.

Try it out

You can try the app with a few different utterances, specifying a coffee size and coffee type.

Some suggestions:

  • Give me a small coffee
  • A large mocha please
  • brew me an americano

What’s next

This example uses the Dialog as a Service runtime service, but you can also try this project with the following services: