Integrating with Speech Suite

This section provides tips for IVR developers and points out important factors to consider when creating a Mix project, designing conversations in Mix.dialog, and when using the Dialog as a Service runtime API.

Creating a project in Mix

Choose channels, modalities, and an engine pack version for your IVR project.

Preparing audio and grammar files

Expected location for prerecorded audio and grammar files, and where to define DTMF mappings/grammars.

Using and managing grammars

Methods for intent and entity recognition, for DTMF and speech input.

Setting global properties and behaviors

Configure how your application will handle commands and events, as well as collection, confirmation, and recovery behaviors.

Understanding confidence evaluation

Confidence thresholds and confirmation strategies.

Handling escalations

Use events and throw event actions to transfer a user to a live agent.


Current limitations and feature gaps to consider when using Mix for a VoiceXML application.


Answers to common how-to questions.