The Voices endpoint returns the TTS voices that are available in an organization.

There are three models of TTS voices:

  • standard and enhanced voices are intended for use with the standard Nuance TTSaaS. For the complete list of standard and enhanced TTS voices available in a geography, see Geographies.

  • neural voices are intended for use with the Nuance Neural TTS service, which is powered by Nuance Vocalizer for Cloud and the neural Text-to-Speech feature of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services for Speech. For information on the neural voices, see the Microsoft documentation: Language and voice support for the Speech service  .

Get voices

GET /v4/organizations/{orgId}/voices

Retrieve the list of voices available in the organization specified.


Status Meaning Description Schema
200 OK List of voices mix.api.ListVoicesResponse
401 Unauthorized Request could not be authorized Inline
500 Internal Server Error Internal server error Inline
501 Not Implemented Feature is not yet enabled Inline
default Default An unexpected error response. grpc.gateway.runtime.Error

Example responses

  200 response