Play system output and collect user input

This section provides more detailed information about the different options for generating system outputs and handling user inputs.

System outputs can be provided in the form of text, synthesized speech audio, pre-recorded audio files, or a combination of synthesized speech and pre-recorded audio. These provide information and prompt for user input.

User input can then be collected as text, interactive selection, speech audio, or DTMF entries.

The modalities that can be used for system output and user input at a particular point in the dialog depends on the configurations for the channel and node.

Once user input is collected, it can be returned to Dialog to continue the conversation.

Identify active language and channel

How to identify the active language and channel in the response and messages and considerations for multi-channel applications.

Responses and input and output modalities

Relationship between responses and the available output and input modalities.

Generate and play system outputs

Generating and playing system output.

Collect user input

Options for collecting user input.

Continue dialog

Continue dialog by sending user input or event to Dialog.