Sources node

The sources node provides a list of sources used to label imported data to identify its origin. To label data, you set its sourceref attribute to the name of the source.

For example, assuming the following source:

<source name="DTV_Domain" uri="http://localhost:80/my_local_dtv_domain" version="1.0" type="PREBUILT"/>

To label an entity with this source, you would define it as follows:

<concept name="CHANNEL" sourceref="DTV_Domain"/>

All data not explicitly associated to a source declared in this node will be associated with a default source named nuance_custom_data. Note that this is not visible in the TRSX file.

Sources XML meta

  <source name="name" uri="uri" version="string" type="type"/>

Sources node specification

The sources node contains zero-many source nodes.

The source node has the following attributes:

Source node attributes
Attribute Required? Description
name Required Name of the source data. For example, DTV_Domain.
displayName Optional Name of the source as displayed in the Mix.nlu interface.
uri Optional URI of the source. For example, http://localhost:80/my_local_dtv_domain.
version Optional Version of the source. For example, 1.0.
type Optional Type of source. Can be one of the following: CUSTOM (Custom data), PREBUILT (Pre-built model), REJECTION (Rejection model)
useForOOV Optional If the useForOOV attribute is true, the source sample nuance_custom_data is used for DLM building. Default is true.

Sources node example

    <source name="DTV_Domain" uri="http://localhost:80/my_local_dtv_domain" version="1.0" type="PREBUILT"/>
    <source name="IOT_Domain" type="CUSTOM"/>
    <source name="NCSRef_Rejection" uri="http://localhost:80/ncs_ref_rejection_model" version="1.0" type="REJECTION"/>

Sources schema

<xs:element name='sources'>
        <xs:documentation>Sources: List of Sources used to label imported data.</xs:documentation>
            <xs:element minOccurs='0' maxOccurs='unbounded' ref='source'/>
<xs:element name='source'>
        <xs:attribute name='name' use='required' type='xs:NCName'/>
        <xs:attribute name='displayName' use='optional' type='xs:string'/>
        <xs:attribute name='uri' use='optional' type='xs:anyURI'/>
        <xs:attribute name='version' use='optional' type='xs:string'/>
        <xs:attribute name='type' use='optional' type='source_type'/>
        <xs:attribute name='useForOOV' use='optional' type='xs:boolean'/>
<xs:simpleType name="source_type">
    <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
        <xs:enumeration value="CUSTOM"/>
        <xs:enumeration value="PREBUILT"/>
        <xs:enumeration value="REJECTION"/>